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Literature, Food, Music and Life!

A Secondary School English Teacher with a passion for all of the above...

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I fell in love with reading when I read "The Coldest Winter Ever" by Sistah Souljah. I was fourteen and in the midst of my GCSE exams. At a time when reading was generally something I only engaged with in order to pass exams, this novel showed me the beauty and magic of reading and propelled me into the world of literature. Sixteen years later as an English teacher, it is one of the books I suggest to my students that are reluctant readers... depending on their interests, it works every time.

For me the beauty of reading lies in the ability of the words to transport readers to any time, location and situation. The magic of reading is that we are able to live a million lives, all of which are different, simply by reading the words that have been carefully crafted and written on a page.

Love Loi.


I struggled massively to put this list together. I felt that I had to re-read everything in order to effectively decide whether some were in my top 10. I realised that this task is something that I could Yo-Yo with forever.

In no particular order, this is my top 10.

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I guess you can call me a foodie...

Recipe Cards & E-Books Coming Soon!

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